The Foundation for Gender Specific-Medicine supports the investigation of the ways in which biological sex and gender affect normal human function and the experience of disease.

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    Why do men die first? Is it in their genes or is it their machismo that prevents them from taking care of their health?

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Dr. Marianne Legato


Dr. Legato is an internationally renowned academic, physician, author, lecturer, and pioneer in the field of gender-specific medicine.



Dr. Legato's Blog

  • Gender-Specific Medicine in the Genomic Era

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  • Sex and Synthetic Biology: How Will We Wed the Two?

    The recent decision of the National Institutes of Health to require the inclusion of both sexes in animal research is encouraging. Nevertheless, in spite of constant urging from those of us interested in gender-specific medicine, it is disappointing that we had to wait for it almost three decades after the NIH recommended the inclusion of […]